Rock the Run!

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The Bangles - Ms. Balsley

Welcome to our page! For every goal we meet as a team we will enjoy the following rewards:

  • $500 - Free/Tech time in class
  • $1,000 - Extra Recess/Outdoor Game 
  • $2,000 - Team Donut Party
  • $3,000 - Innovation Lab Movie Day

There will also be school wide goals we will be working towards. Top earning classes & grades will have a chance to win extra recess for a week & a pizza party with Mr. Niemczyk. If we meet our school goal of $50,000, the whole school will enjoy Wildcat Fun Day!

Goal: $2,500
Ranking #8
Raised $650
Needed $1,850
Time Left 2 weeks
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We are excited to bring the Fun Run back this year, with 95% of proceeds benefiting our Wildcats! The more we earn, the more get to celebrate with team prizes!

 Donations to our Fun Run will help pay for Educational Opportunities, Enrichment Activities and services that are NOT funded by the State of California. Every dollar donated helps fund our Specialists (Art, Technology, P.E. & More), Campus Safety, Community Building Events, Teacher Support, Library Support, Instructional Aides,Technology Devices for Students, Community Outreach & more!

Our Goal $50,000
$9,280 Raised
$40,720 Needed

Donations accepted until 4/8/2023 12:00 am

Recent Donations

$250.00 from Konrad Port
21 hours ago
$70.00 from Grammie

Go Wyatt! Run hard and be strong! Love you, Lots!

$25.00 from anonymous
2 days ago

Run Paige Run!!

$50.00 from anonymous
2 days ago

Good Luck Paige with your fund raising actions!!

Love, Popi and Gigi

$30.00 from David Mowdet
3 days ago

Hope you meet your goal you’re my favorite grandson.

$25.00 from Grandma
3 days ago

Run fast!

$50.00 from Mom and Dad
3 days ago

Go Wyatt! We Love you!

$150.00 from Mommy
5 days ago

Mommy loves so much! You got this Margarita!


Thank you to our sponsors!!