Welcome to Westlake Hills PFA

The Westlake Hills Elementary Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is a 501(c)3 registered organization dedicated to promoting Westlake Hills students’ health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement. Although similar to a PTA (both are 501(c)3’s), Westlake Hills PFA is independent of any national organization’s dues and constraints. Our purpose is to provide programming, staff, parent volunteer support, and fundraising for Westlake Hills Elementary, its students, and faculty. All parents/guardians are members of the PFA and all families are encouraged to participate and support PFA fund-raising and community-building efforts. At Westlake Hills Everyone is a Wildcat!


Getting involved in WHE PFA is an opportunity to have a positive impact on students, support teachers and staff, make new friendships, and participate in efforts that truly make a difference. Parents, grandparents, family members, and local businesses can all contribute to the Wildcat community in various ways. One of the most valuable gifts you can give our students is your time, it is also one of the most rewarding. The more you engage with our school community, the richer the experience at Westlake Hills will be for you and your family.


We hold a General Meeting once a month and meet as an Executive Board and by committee as needed. Meeting dates, and times are listed in the PFA Calendar. Your help and your voice are valued; they make a difference in our students' lives. Please join us!



PFA on the Westlake Hills campus

Art with Mrs. Kinsley in the Art Studio

Our art specialist, art materials and art studio are all funded by PFA donations.  All classes receive art instruction throughout the year, designed for their grade level and curriculum and their work is showcased in an Art Show on display at Open House.


P.E. with Coach Sasha

The PFA funds Physical Education instruction that emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship while developing physical skills and habits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Every class participates in PE instruction with Coach Sasha each week.


Innovation Lab and Technology

Thanks to Measure I funding and PFA donations, Westlake Hills is fortunate to have a state of the art Innovation Lab that classes reserve time in each week. The Innovation Lab features large format, interactive touch screens, as well as a green screen and an "On Air" corner for recording creative projects. The PFA helps pay for additional computer equipment and apps and programs in the Innovation Lab as well as in the classrooms.


All classes visit the library on a weekly basis. The PFA funds library subscriptions for new books and supports an up to date and well stocked library collection through Birthday Book Club and the annual Book Fair.

Campus Supervision

Our large student body, separate play areas and staggered bell schedule make campus supervision a challenge with district funding. The PFA provides funding for additional campus supervisors and supervision hours throughout the school day.

Classroom and Student Support

The PFA provides the funds to hire additional credentialed teachers as classroom aides and support staff as needed each year.  Other classroom supports include a classroom allocation for each teacher to use on materials they need throughout the year, P.E.equipment, staff safety training, emergency and safety equipment, student recognition prizes, enrichment programs and community events.

Westlake Hills PFA Funded Programs and Events

Art Contest Assemblies
Book Fair/ Lunch with a Loved One Community Outreach
5th Grade End of the Year Events Coding Night
Math Night Abilities Awareness Week
Family Movie Night Family Dance
Fun Run Restaurant Nights
Room Parents Student Store
Read Across America Week PFA Website and Social Media
School Cents Music Van
Spirit Week SpiritWear
TK/Kinder Playdate Science Night
Teacher Professional Conferences Teacher Appreciation Week
Women in History Talent Show
Spring Carnival Yearbook




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Thank you to our sponsors!!